The recent changes in the way we work and interact has also had some benefits, one of which is the public talks we give are more easily, and therefore also more frequently, recorded. On this page, you can find links to some of the publicly available recorded talks and discussion panels that we have been involved in.

Strongly driven Josephson Resonators and their applications in quantum sensing
Nano Meets Quantum, September 2022
Recording on Youtube

Emergence of nonlinear friction from quantum fluctuations
Talk for the Dynamics of Micro and Nanosystems Group in 3ME in Delft, 12 August 2021
Recording on Youtube

Quantum sensing at radio frequencies using superconducting circuits
Nikhef Colloquieum, 23 April 2021
Recording on Youtube

Quantum Circuits and Mechanics for Quantum Sensing and Simulation
Quantum Delft Seminar, 9 March 2021
Recording on Youtube

Quantum Sensing of radio frequency photons and vibrations
SPIE Photonic West 2021, March 2021
Recording on Youtube

Optomechanical Interfaces of Quantum Mechanics and Gravity
UniKORN panel discussion, Feb 2021
Recording on Youtube