News: Our paper on Graphene Optomechanics with Microwave Cavities has now appeared in Nature Nanotechnology. The story has also been picked up by the national newspapers, including the Volkskrant and the NRC, among others. For more information, see our press release on the TU-Delft website.

Welcome to the Steele Lab website in the MED group at the Department of Quantum Nanoscience, in the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology.

The research in our group focusses on the properties of mechanical resonators made from novel materials such as carbon nanotubes and graphene. By using advanced fabrication techniques designed to make very clean devices, we can optimize these materials to have both a high mechanical quality factor and exceptional electrical properties, making them ideal for integration into Nano-electro-mechanical (NEMS) devices.

Using these new bottom-up NEMS devices, we plan to study their motion at very low driving amplitudes in the single-phonon regime by integrating them with microwave frequency superconducting circuits. Doing so, we can then use the Quantum Toolbox developed by the superconducting qubit community to readout and manipulate the quantum states of nanotube and graphene mechanical resonators at the single-phonon level.

We also work with graphene resonators as room-temperature NEMS sensors, in which we plan to develop electrical readout schemes with sensitivity limited only by the Brownian motion of the drum. In our room-temperature work we take advantage of a collaboartion with the top-down nanomechanics work of the van der Zant lab.