Postdoc and PhD positions: Quantum simulations with microwave Kerr oscillators

In this project, you will explore and implement a protocol for quantum simulations using microwave Kerr oscillators. By strongly modulating the frequency a superconducting transmon qubit using an oscillating flux, it has been recently predicted [1] that the qubit will be driven into a Schrödinger cat state where it acts as an oscillator in a quantum superposition of oscillating with two opposite phases. Connecting these in networks on a chip, one can implement protocols for quantum annealing and quantum simulations of hard problems such as a the general solution to a quantum Ising model.

In the project, you will fabricate high-Q superconducting quantum circuits in the state-of-the-art cleanroom in Delft, and measure them using the measurement electronics and milliKelvin cryogenic systems equipped for advanced qubit measurements available in the group.

You will also work closely with experimentalists and theorists in the EU consortium Quromorphic, supported by the FET-OPEN program, including industrial partners IBM and Volkwagen, along with researchers from ETH Zurich, Heriot-Watt University, and the University of the Basque Country.

Candidates should have an MSc degree in physics or a related field. To apply, please prepare an application that includes a CV, BSc. and MSc. transcripts, a motivation letter, and a list of people who could provide letter of reference. Your application should be submitted by email to Prof. Gary Steele <>.

[1] Nature Communications 8,15785 (2017)

Postdoc position: Circuit QED for Optomechanics

In this project, you will use the tools of circuit QED to build a “millikelvin” quantum optics table in our dilution fridge and explore new regimes of microwave optomechanics. By combing qubits and single photon sources and single photon detectors with microwave optomechanics, you will create and program non-classical quantum states of the motion of a mechanical drum. The experiments you will perform will allow you to create large mechanical quantum superpositions, and explore the possibility of using mechanical resonators as a quantum transducer for mapping quantum information from the microwave to the optical domain.

To apply, please send a motivation letter and CV to Prof. Gary Steele <>.

MEP and BEP projects

We are always looking for motivated students looking to do a Masters (MEP) or Bachelors (BEP) thesis project. Contact Gary for more information and to check availability of projects.

Note that Masters and Bachelors projects are only available to students already enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters program at a university in the Netherlands. For information about enrolling for the Bachelors or Masters program at TU-Delft, please consult the TU-Delft homepage.

Check this website frequently for updates for when new PhD and Postdoc positions come available.