Postdoc Postions: Macroscopic Quantum Superpositions using Quantum Optomechanics in 3D



We currently have postdoc positions open to work on building quantum superpositions of a macroscopic object using 3D otpomechanics. For more information about the position, please have a look at this poster.

To apply, please send a motivation letter, a transcript of your grades, a list of people who could provide a letter of reference, and a CV to Dr. Gary Steele <>.

MEP and BEP projects

We are always looking for motivated students looking to do a Masters (MEP) or Bachelors (BEP) thesis project. Contact Gary for more information and to check availability of projects.

Note that Masters and Bachelors projects are only available to students already enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters program at a university in the Netherlands. For information about enrolling for the Bachelors or Masters program at TU-Delft, please consult the TU-Delft homepage.

Check this website frequently for updates for when new PhD and Postdoc positions come available.